Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Whats for dinner?

One of the challenges of following the paleo diet is introducing variety.   Carbs are not allowed on the Paleo diet..that's right, no rice, no pasta, no bread and no pizza.  We eat this way from Monday-Thursday to maintain optimum health.

So this week, i experimented with cauliflower. One recipe, 3 different ways

                                         I made cauliflower pizza crust this week, finally... recipe (link)

It turned out awesome. I decided to make a healthy version with veggies and an less healthy cheesy version. Cauliflower pizza works and the crust ends up being nice and hard/crunchy and not only that, it's much much much healthier then consuming carb loaded pizza dough :)

                                                         Cauliflower mash with chives

                Made the same way as the crust but with added oils and cheese for cream factor. The potato alternative and the chives take a bit away from the cauliflower taste !

Cauliflower rice :)