Sunday, 5 October 2014

Living room inspiration

The cave is coming along nicely.

They have now finished all external work and have made somewhat impressive progress on the internals. With that in mind, I am thinking about living room inspiration.

We have chosen light oak floors, a beige 3 seater chaise and a 2 seater and lets not forget my awesome spot lamp:

Some inspiration I have been looking at for living rooms include:

loving the combination of cosy and rustic here... but perhaps with not as many cushions :)
Neat, but i don't like how brown is a dominant colour in this room (frames, cushions, floors)

Love the rug, the cushion colour scheme, the couch, not so much the blue walls and the coffee table

What we will actually end up with, its too early to say. In a couple of months, I will blog about it.. If I'm still blogging that is :)