Monday, 13 October 2014

Cave Living

Cave progress:
She is officially locked up.

The weekend was busy but now I have a better idea of what the cave living area will look like and that my friend is super exciting. I'll talk you through it.

It started off harmlessly with wine & dinner on a friday night..

Cave man hunted the fish himself.

I was too busy to blog about it but earlier in the week purchased our couch (see pic below)

                                      except our couch/chaise is actually a beige colour.. similar to that rug. I know, I'm already having heart palpitations at the thought of someone spilling wine/coffee over it but never fear, 5 year warranty on all stains and smells is here :)

 Naturally, the next day we were on a hunt for a living room coffee table and entertainment unit. I have thought about my colour shame a lot and have decided to keep it light and airy. Our home will be full of light woods, light oaky floors, light kitchen...and i wanted some contrast so we finally agreed on *drum roll*

It's a nice rustic timber with metal details as handles.

It will go nicely with the lamp I had purchased earlier in the year
I knew from the moment I laid eyes on this lamp that it would be mine.

We started talking about the rug but couldn't agree on a shade so we decided to compromise. The decision is yet to come!

On Sunday afternoon , the Caveman and I went to the beach as it was finally nice and sunny in Melbourne. See proof below:
 I know, I found it hard to believe as well. We did a good 5km and I decided that as of tomorrow (today), my 4 hour body diet resumes.  I just feel much more energetic and healthier NOT eating carbs and sugar .. more to come on this topic in the future