Monday, 27 October 2014


                          Im always looking for someplace new to indulge in my love of food.
                            This weekend  we attempted a 9 course Mexican Degustation at El Sabor.
                                                      (and no this is not a sponsored post)

                                                      The food was simple but delicious
Don't forget the Sangria!

                                                  At this point, i got too full to take photos.

The verdict is, I highly recommend for those who like Mexican and are looking for a cosy joint with nice music and pleasant staff. The best part was the last course, Churros !!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Whats for dinner?

One of the challenges of following the paleo diet is introducing variety.   Carbs are not allowed on the Paleo diet..that's right, no rice, no pasta, no bread and no pizza.  We eat this way from Monday-Thursday to maintain optimum health.

So this week, i experimented with cauliflower. One recipe, 3 different ways

                                         I made cauliflower pizza crust this week, finally... recipe (link)

It turned out awesome. I decided to make a healthy version with veggies and an less healthy cheesy version. Cauliflower pizza works and the crust ends up being nice and hard/crunchy and not only that, it's much much much healthier then consuming carb loaded pizza dough :)

                                                         Cauliflower mash with chives

                Made the same way as the crust but with added oils and cheese for cream factor. The potato alternative and the chives take a bit away from the cauliflower taste !

Cauliflower rice :)

Monday, 13 October 2014

Cave Living

Cave progress:
She is officially locked up.

The weekend was busy but now I have a better idea of what the cave living area will look like and that my friend is super exciting. I'll talk you through it.

It started off harmlessly with wine & dinner on a friday night..

Cave man hunted the fish himself.

I was too busy to blog about it but earlier in the week purchased our couch (see pic below)

                                      except our couch/chaise is actually a beige colour.. similar to that rug. I know, I'm already having heart palpitations at the thought of someone spilling wine/coffee over it but never fear, 5 year warranty on all stains and smells is here :)

 Naturally, the next day we were on a hunt for a living room coffee table and entertainment unit. I have thought about my colour shame a lot and have decided to keep it light and airy. Our home will be full of light woods, light oaky floors, light kitchen...and i wanted some contrast so we finally agreed on *drum roll*

It's a nice rustic timber with metal details as handles.

It will go nicely with the lamp I had purchased earlier in the year
I knew from the moment I laid eyes on this lamp that it would be mine.

We started talking about the rug but couldn't agree on a shade so we decided to compromise. The decision is yet to come!

On Sunday afternoon , the Caveman and I went to the beach as it was finally nice and sunny in Melbourne. See proof below:
 I know, I found it hard to believe as well. We did a good 5km and I decided that as of tomorrow (today), my 4 hour body diet resumes.  I just feel much more energetic and healthier NOT eating carbs and sugar .. more to come on this topic in the future

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Living room inspiration

The cave is coming along nicely.

They have now finished all external work and have made somewhat impressive progress on the internals. With that in mind, I am thinking about living room inspiration.

We have chosen light oak floors, a beige 3 seater chaise and a 2 seater and lets not forget my awesome spot lamp:

Some inspiration I have been looking at for living rooms include:

loving the combination of cosy and rustic here... but perhaps with not as many cushions :)
Neat, but i don't like how brown is a dominant colour in this room (frames, cushions, floors)

Love the rug, the cushion colour scheme, the couch, not so much the blue walls and the coffee table

What we will actually end up with, its too early to say. In a couple of months, I will blog about it.. If I'm still blogging that is :)