Friday, 26 September 2014

Travel blues

I am itching for another trip. Last year this time I returned from an amazing trip.. here are snippets of my favourite places

St Pauls village, along the French coast line .. it was like a fairy tale, tiny narrow streets, cafes on every corner and cave galleries.

Nice, France. Warm summer nights, a never ending street party on the beach

Novi Sad, Serbia.. where the ice cream is as good as in Italy.

 Florence, I loved it there the most. Everything about it was amazing. This place has heart

Rome! When i think of rome I think of pizza and cocktails.

Beautiful Venice. Getting lost in the streets of Venice at midnight and feeling safe despite the freakishly tall buildings and narrow streets.
Hong Kong.... the city of lights and interesting food. Made for an interesting stop over.
                                                  Where he asked, and where i said yes.

We saw a lot more and visited many more cities on this trip, but these are the ones that really stood out. Now that it has been  a year since our trip I am itching for another one. Where will my next adventure take me?